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I have a best opportunity for you first of all check it and then decide anything 🙏

This is online business opportunity 👇
Where you can learn lots of courses and improve your skills and you can earn as much as you want 💯

Thier all many peoples can’t believe in this business they think like this is FACK AND FRAUD but I have a proof of this platform 👇 you can check all proofs in my Instagram HIGHLIGHTS 👇






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What Is Affiliate Marketing?👇

How To Make 1 Lakh In A Month Through Affiliate Marketing(Hindi) ?👇

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing 👇

Bizgurukul official registration link👇

BizGurukul Featured In Media 👇💯


1. Is Bizgurukul legal system?

-}} Yes! Bizgurukul is a brand of GYANKOSH EDUCATION SERVICES which ia a GST registered firm.

This is Bizgurukul legal certificates 👇👇


2. What is Affiliate Marketing?

-}} Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards. Affiliates for each customer brought by the Affiliate’s own marketing efforts 💯

3. What am I paying for?

-}} The amount that a customer pays at Bizgurukul website is only for the online courses.
provided in the product purchased by the customer.
No amount is paid by the customer to become an affiliate with Bizgurukul.
The option to become an affiliate with Bizgurukul is free of cost and optional with the purchase.
Of any product desired by the customer through the affiliate link of who the person who referred him to the Bizgurukul website.

4. Are there any other charges one needs to pay other than the product cost?

-}} No

5. If I purchase the product, what benefits do I got?

-}} You got two things:-

First,the product
(online courses which enhance your skills and we assure you about the quality of content.
because our courses are designed by professional & experts of thier respective fields.)

Second, you get a unique affiliate link through which you promote the products and get commission on every purchase made from your link.

6. How can I earn here?

-}} When tou buy any of product, you get unique affiliate link.
when you promote our products, you get commission on the sale generated through your affiliate link.
The amount of commission various according to the product purchased.
All promotional material and training are given by the company absolutely free of cost.

7. Are there any charges for training?

-}} NO, the training is provided free of cost. you pay only for the products that you purchase which include different courses.

8. What does Bizgurukul tech us in training ?

-}} Our training covers a wide range of topics focussed at helping you build a personal brand on social media and monetize it with the help of affiliate marketing.
Many special trainings are also conducted to help you develop many other skills apart from Online earning. we focus on a public development of our Affiliates .

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Big Myths about affiliate marketing
5 Big myths about affiliate marketing.


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