Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2022: $6,000 a Month Without a Website

Watch my Affiliate Marketing for Beginners tutorial and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. Affiliate marketing is a perfect starting strategy for beginners who want to make money online.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 7 years now, and today I want to teach you one of the strategies that has really helped me. Using this exact strategy alone, I make over $6,000 a month (in addition to other methods I use) and I hope that you’re going to get great results from it too.


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In today’s video I’m sharing a really cool way to make money with affiliate marketing. It’s perfect for beginners and newer affiliate marketers.

First, I will show you how you can find some amazing products to promote as an affiliate. We’re going to be using SEMRush for that (link to a 14-day free trial of SEMRush is above). I will show you a very unusual way to use SEMRush to uncover really awesome products to promote.

Next, I will show you a brand new way to publish content on Medium and get traffic and clicks to your affiliate links. Medium is a very powerful platform, but you need to use it in a very particular way to ensure you actually get results.

From the moment you publish your content, it may take a few days before your content is picked up by Google. But once it’s picked up, there is a great chance that it will start ranking and getting you traffic and sales.


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