How to make $500 a week on eBay Dropshipping | eBay Business Plan

How to make $500 per week on eBay with Dropshipping.
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In this video, Nahar shows you the steps it takes to scale your eBay business to $500 per week or $2000 per month with an actionable step by step plan.

Business Plan Overview
– 1:15 How to increase ebBay Seller Limits
– 1:49 Call eBay to increase seller limits
– 2:42 Aim to increase listing limits to 100 items or more in the first month
– 4:12 Only list new items with 1 qty
– 7:10 The 80/20 Rule applied to eBay dropshipping
– 7:40 How to consistently find items to list
– 8:00 The criteria for a winning eBay product
– 8:20 Find low competition products
– 9:00 Find products with high demand
– 10:30 Outrank your competitors with efficient eBay seo
– 11:50 A live example of finding a profitable product on eBay
– 16:20 How to offer competitive shipping prices
– 17:00 How to source ebay product photos
– 20:30 Listing Goals
– 21:00 Listing items on eBay consistently
– 21:15 Remove out of stock items
– 21:30 Never remove more items than you add
– 21:47 Listing Targets
– 200 listings in month 1
– 600 listings in month 2
– 1200 listings in Month 3

We hope you enjoyed this video. If you are able to follow this guide to a T, you will have a successful eBay business in no time.
Be consistent and don’t compromise on the criteria


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