Is MLM Better than Affiliate Marketing? | Which One for You?

Is MLM better than affiliate marketing? What is Multi-level-marketing? What is affiliate marketing? Which one is better for you?

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——–What is Multi-level marketing all about?——–

——–What is Affiliate Marketing all about?——-
With affiliate marketing, you bring the buyer and seller together. For every successful transaction that takes place, you would earn a commission.

————-What do MLM and Affiliate marketing have in common?———-
They both have great opportunities for one to get into.
They can both serve as great passive income models
They both require selling other people’s products

——-How does MLM and Affiliate Marketing Differ?———
1. The compensation plan
2.The human interaction
3. Recruting vs no recruiting
4. Limited audience outreach vs worldwide audience
5. Limited high-ticket earning vs unlimited high ticket earning

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