Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It In 2022? My Thoughts And Opinion

🎥 Watch my latest video as I explain the pros and cons of dropshipping and how they relate to me making over £100k in revenue in the first 2-3 months of a new Shopify store and product.

Through my own experiences in entrepreneurship, including 10 years of work and stress, I reflect on my own story and how dropshipping was pivotal in my own success.

I try to answer the question “What’s the best use case for Dropshipping?” and what’s the best way to take hold of the opportunity that’s out there in e-commerce. Ultimately, is Shopify Dropshipping worth it and can it be profitable in 2022?

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Defining Dropshipping
01:41 – Low Barrier To Entry
02:42 – Testing & Validating A Product
04:04 – Learning The Craft
05:00 – It Takes Time & Effort
05:38 – Lack Of Control (Shipping, Product Quality, Customer Experience)
08:17 – Lower Profit, More Competition
09:45 – My Story & Use Case
12:40 – Conclusion & Lessons Learnt
13:33 – Outro

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